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HHEG Files Civil Rights Suit Against Private Medical Company Correct Care Solutions For Death of Inmate at Arapahoe County Jail

The firm has just filed a civil rights lawsuit in Federal Court against Correct Care Solutions (CCS) related to the preventable death of Denny Lovern in the Arapahoe County Detention Center.  


Mr. Lovern went to Arapahoe County Detention Center in April 2017 for driving related offenses. Despite knowing that he had a history of heart attacks and related heart problems, staff employed by CCS did not give Mr. Lovern his prescribed heart medications. A few days later, he told medical staff that he thought he was having a heart attack but he was provided no medical care in response. Even as he got worse, was weak and vomiting, medical staff refused to call a doctor or send him to the hospital and he died on the floor of his cell from a heart attack.


CCS is being sued in Colorado and nationwide for its unconstitutional medical care causing serious injuries and deaths. Mr. Lovern, like many others, was not taken seriously and nurses dismissed his complaints of a heart attack as routine heartburn rather than allowing him to be evaluated by a doctor or sent to the E.R. His Estate and his daughter are suing CCS for abandoning him in this medical crisis, causing his death.


Here are media reports about this filing: