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Colorado Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys

Why do we sue nursing homes and assisted living facilities? We recognize that you have many choices for your potential counsel. We simply want you to know that our experience in this area is extensive, more than 30 years. Our clients have seen many strong results, often long before a trial.

The Colorado nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Holland, Holland Edwards & Grossman understand this industry and have held many facilities accountable across this state. Over and over, we have strongly brought the message to nursing homes and assisted living facilities that the kind of behavior that violates civil rights is totally unacceptable. Many times, we have delivered this message to owners, administrators, nurses and even CNAs in cross examinations that make them reflect very hard on what they have done – and own it. We have evaluated cases of every kind and description and can help you effectively and powerfully present your claims.

John’s own personal experience with his mother being neglected in a nursing home lead to his passion in this area. While he was in law school at U.C.L.A. his mother was in a coma and needed only to be frequently repositioned. Because she was not, she quickly developed a pie-sized pressure ulcer on her spine, which he discovered when he picked her up to hug her. We understand the permanent feelings that come from such experiences and know neglectful nursing homes must be held accountable.

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Caring for You and Your Family When You Need it Most

The government regulates these facilities but does not sufficiently act on what it finds. Nursing homes are cited with deficiencies, re-cited but inevitably allowed to continue to operate. Facilities in violation are occasionally fined, but very few are ever closed. One of the things that nursing homes understand well is money. Making nursing homes pay claims has the best and most realistic approach to holding them responsible. It is only when nursing home owners truly conclude that it is in their best economic interest to provide adequate care that conditions will change.

We helped to establish the legal right to high quality nursing and rehabilitation care services for nursing home residents. We did this in the landmark nursing home lawsuit of Smith v. Heckler against the Federal government which struck down the previous nursing home inspection system and replaced it with a patient focused survey process and also contributed to the development and passage of the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act. John served on one of the Institute of Medicine committees responsible for the recommendations to Congress that culminated in the passage of OBRA.

In 1975 a United States Senate Blue Ribbon Commission concluded after hearings in 25 cities that half of the nation’s nursing homes were providing scandalously substandard care with life threatening conditions. Our experience representing victims of poor nursing home care and their families over the last 30 years has taught us not much has changed. The abuse continues.

We understand the incredible sense of betrayal that we feel when our mothers or fathers or grandparents are neglected or abused. We understand that when this happens people need to speak out and hold these facilities accountable.

Watch for Signs of Abuse

  • Repeated falls
  • Change in behavior
  • Unusual change in weight
  • Untreated bodily injuries
  • Unexplained serious injuries
  • Untreated infections
  • Medication errors
  • Unexplained injury
  • Negative reactions toward a caregiver
  • Other inexplicable or unsafe conditions

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